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Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A

Meeting Information

The ANC 2A meets every third Wednesday of the month, except August. Click the calendar icon for details.

About ANC2A

ANC 2A is an ANC in Ward 2, Northwest Washington, serving the Foggy Bottom and West End neighborhoods. ANC 2A comprises eight Single Member Districts and so has eight Commissioners.

The boundaries of ANC 2A small member districts will change in January next year. Click here for the new map. 

ANC 2A usually meets on the third Wednesday of the month. Agendas are distributed through this website and our email list. If you want to get involved or just report a problem on your block, please contact us.

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A
c/o West End Library,
2301 L Street NW
Washington, DC 20037

Executive Director: Peter Sacco,

Representing Community

Making a Better Tomorrow

Keeping You Informed

Community Resources


Click here to review single member district maps.


Find PDF agendas for past and upcoming meetings.


Find PDF minutes from past meetings.

Local Resources

See local resources.


The ANC 2A has agendas and minutes from 2010 to the present day. Please see the archive of agendas and the archive of minutes.

Join the ANC 2A Mailing List

Join the ANC 2A mailing list to keep up with local developments.